last update: 08 octobre 1972
CRAZY KIDS 70 >>> glam rock & more >> soon >>

Arrows, Bay City Rollers, Blackfoot Sue,Blue Vamp, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Brett Smiley, Catapult, Chicory Tip, Cockney Rebel, Alice Cooper, Cozy Powell, Gary Glitter, The Glitter Band, Hector, Hello, Hollywood Brats, Iron Virgin, Jet, The Jook, Kenny, Lemming, Mott The Hoople, Mud, New York Dolls, Plastic Feet, Suzi Quatro, Mick Ronson, Roxy Music, Runaways, Showaddywaddy, Slade, Sparks, Streakers, Sweet, T.Rex, Wizzard.... and many many more
contacts: Roger or Tony